June 15, 2019


public relations

Cutting Edge PR

Goa NETWORK7 delivers high-profile media relations campaigns in mainstream media outlets, blogs, business/sports publications and the electronic media.


Social Media Outreach

We complement traditional PR services with social media services offering our clients expert advice on how best to leverage social media channels, and produce high-impact written and video content.

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Brand Recognition

Long term, partnership with us is an investment in your brand and the visibility of a firm or individual that results in increased recognition and reputation.

wedding planners

Wedding Planners

Looking to have a memorable wedding then you are at the right place. Goa Network7 have some splendid wedding destinations in Goa. You can choose a place that suits your budget. Wedding ceremonies are special and have lasting impressions on your family and guests. Goa Network7 takes care of all your worries while you enjoy the blissful moments with your loved ones. Just call us or email us to know how best we can help you.

Birthday Events

These special moments of joy are priceless with age. Goa Network7 birthday planners have a mix for the young and old alike. Birthday events like your child’s first birthday or your loved one you care about but want to express through a fantastic birthday party. Goa Network7 has answers to all your queries. Meet up or call us to discuss the course of action.

Birthday Party Events

Social Events

Goa Network7 rain dance, Christmas and New Years’ party are some events to look forward to. Goa Network7 designs special promotional campaigns for corporates and small business establishments. Contact us to know more about how we can help you.

social events
25 anniversary


Wedding anniversaries of your loved ones and special people in your life who shaped your future. Parents’ wedding anniversaries or your own. Goa Network7 will solemnly stand and guide you to deliver the best anniversary celebrations in Goa.


More and more people are connecting

The demand for strategic communications is growing, as we are in the golden age of content, the role of Public Relations is more important than ever.

An evolutionary approach towards PR

As consumers are continuing to evolve and evaluating brands, we at Goa Network7 recognize that need in finding new ways to communicate effectively.

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Call us....

As a communications partner, we know exactly what you would require to take your brand to the next level. The knowledge gained through building long term relationships forms the backbone of our public relations programmes. Please do get in touch with us for more information on our services.